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All you Need to Know About 3-Tab Shingles

3 Tab Shingles

When you glance at your rooftop, it’s a complex pattern of shingles overlapping one another. Although it may not look like it - there is always a closely designed pattern used to ensure integrity.  Shingles are also larger than most people realize. In fact, did you know you don’t see the entire shingle when it’s on a structure?

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A common material that may be on your property right now is the 3-tab shingle. This versatile material consists of three connected tabs divided by two cutouts. Get to know the basics of 3-tab shingles so that you’ll have a better understanding of your investment.

Properties of 3-tab Shingles

Easy Installation

A given rooftop is several hundred square feet in size. It’s a huge surface that must be covered for waterproofing purposes. When you have a bundle of shingles ready to be laid out, the mere presence of 3-tab shingles makes the project easier. These shingles are much longer than other types, such as architectural designs, so they’ll cover a wider space. Roofers add the materials in rapid succession, which reduces the time spent at the job site.

Trimmable Edges

If you purchased architectural shingles, they’re limited by their shapes and sizes. Trimming them to fit against the roof’s edge can be tricky or outright unsightly. A bundle of shingles with tabs and cutouts is easier to manage. Trim either side of the shingle, and the resulting appearance is still aesthetically pleasing. From afar, it may not look trimmed at all. This versatile benefit to the 3-tab shingle makes it a favorite among both homeowners and contractors.

Low Cost

3-tab shingles are easier to manufacture compared to other materials, so cost remains low. Those savings are passed on to the customer when a quote comes through on a project. The majority of homeowners will choose 3-tab products because of the cost factor. They’re receiving a reliable product for a reasonable price. Unless the homeowners have particular needs that involve high-end materials, 3-tab products are the materials that beautify a rooftop.

Limited Applications in Poor Weather

Most of the 3-tab features are beneficial, but you should also know about potential drawbacks. Tab-and- cutout products are designed for regions that have moderate weather patterns. They can withstand wind speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. If your area is prone to gusts higher than this speed, however, damages might be in your future. The materials aren’t heavy enough to withstand excessive wind speeds.

Curling Potential

Tab shingles are durable for about 20 to 30 years of use, but they can warp in certain conditions. You might notice curling at the tabbed edges over time. The curling is from weathering and possible material defects. These materials must be replaced so that water cannot penetrate beneath them. Other roofing materials, including metal, don’t have this curling potential. Get an instant estimate from Roofr today. There’s no need to wait for a contractor to arrive at your home for a quick quote. Our software performs the hard work that results in a fair quote for your project. You can take this information and get to work with a reputable contractor.

Roofing Questions?

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