Learn what steps to take after your roof has been damaged by Hurricane Michael. The experts at Roofr have the answers you need today!

A look into the features and long-term advantages of modified bitumen (mod bit) roofing for flat roofs, no matter where you live.

Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is a top contender in plastic roofing, for several reasons. Read on to dive into its many layers.

You’re not always looking for roof repair, but when you are, be sure to consider these important factors.

A roof is more than just another expense—it’s an investment in the value of your home. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as they say!

Do you know the materials used in your average Canadian roof? Learn about the different materials used and find out if your roof is using the proper materials for your location and climate! If you are not sure what materials your roof has, call Roofr today and we will help you out! Call 866-819-5215

Since roofing materials and cost depend on several roof measurements like pitch and angle, let’s cover some online roof pitch calculators that will make your math easier and yield more accurate results.

Installing a solar energy system, like solar shingles, sets you up for significant long-term savings on your electric bills and increases the future resale value of your home. The difference between a solar panel and a solar shingle is the way photovoltaic solar cells are grouped and formatted.

EPDM, a type of synthetic rubber, is a great option for low-slope and flat roofs thanks to its superior durability and flexibility.

The broken Ontario roofing industry needs to change. The government of Ontario issued guidelines on protecting yourself from Roofing Scams. Read this blog to learn about potential scams in your area and how to look for an honest roofing company. When you choose Roofr, we do the vetting for you!