Florida is Spanish for “land of flowers”, and is the southernmost contiguous state in the United States. It also has the longest coastline in the United States, which means a lot of roofs have to deal with humidity, salt, and hurricanes. The large state has a large temperature variance, ranging from 4°C and below in the north during the cold season, to 34°C and above in the southern warm season!

The Sunshine State has little to no snowfall, but boasts more lightning strikes than anywhere else in the country! Florida has a lot of heavy tile roofs, which can crack and uplift during storms with high winds. In conditions Where shingles would blow off, tile and slate roofs tend to stay put, protecting your largest investment - your home. However, just because all your tiles are accounted for doesn’t necessarily mean there is no damage, and that the next storm won’t cause severe water damage or worse.