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Which Roofing Styles Are Most Popular in Oakland, CA?

If you’re interested in (re)roofing your home in Oakland, CA, you’re likely wondering what styles are available to you. Knowing the options and benefits of each popular style of roofing Oakland has to offer will allow you to rationally choose your roof. Our hope is that, after reading this article, you’ll find it much easier to come to a decision. Therefore, let’s start by introducing you to the most popular roofing Oakland, Calif. brings to the table to help you find the right style for you.

brightly painted homes and storefronts with varying roofing styles in oakland, california 

Gambrel roofing is timeless in Oakland, CA

While some people might think the homes using this roofing style are converted barns, the gambrel roof style is an absolutely timeless version of traditional gable roofs. Home Stratosphere discusses some ways to implement the gambrel roof design, which has two slopes on each side. When it comes to gambrel roofing, people in Oakland, Calif. can depend on it to provide them with the unique aesthetic reminiscent of the colonial days.

Some homeowners opt to go with a gambrel roof that extends lavishly over the garage or porch. Others might craft a tremendous brick home adorned with a gorgeous gambrel roof acting as the cherry on top of a stunning house. You may have even seen some palaces sporting a beautiful mansard roof style with two slopes on each of its four sides.

There are some other benefits that come with gambrel roofing as well. DoItYourself.com states that, in addition to their legacy, gambrel roofs are rather easy to build up, bear a relatively low cost, and never age in style. They’re also quite common in snowy climates, since their steep slopes guard against snow packing on top of your house.

This kind of pitched roof allows homeowners the option to build up, meaning if the homeowner decides they want to add another floor, it’s easy to frame out. These roofs utilize two roof beams along with simple gusset joints, welcoming natural light and making add-ons rather easy.

While these roofs look rather extravagant, they tend to save homeowners money. They’re relatively simple to build, meaning they don’t take a long time to craft. That allows roofing contractors in Oakland to complete projects more quickly, saving homeowners money on labor costs. However, there is another option that is saving Oaklanders money as well…

example of while and red metal roofing in california

Oakland, CA cools down spending with metal roofing

Metal roofing is a great option that comes with some serious benefits, making it quite appealing to those living in Oakland and the Bay Area. According to HomeTips.com, using this material is beneficial to homeowners thanks to its lightweight nature, fast and easy installation, resistance to fire, heat reflection, minimum required roof pitch, and optimal rain and snow shedding.

This kind of roofing is a great material if you’re considering a dome roof or butterfly roof, and comes in panels that are 12-36 inches wide. That being the case, roofers generally find these panels quick and easy to install. The entire process of installing the roof is cut by a day or two and, in the case of an emergency, shaving any time off the installation can really prove beneficial. The time contractors save also saves in labor costs.

Since metal roofing materials aren’t combustible, they’re given the most fire-resistant rating available. While the metal cannot catch fire, some of the materials used under the surface have the potential to ignite if exposed to intense heat. The majority of these roofs are placed over wood shingles with a Class C rating to ensure minimal chance of house fires.

Speaking of heat, the metal in these roofs reflect radiant sunlight and heat, allowing homeowners to save on the cost of energy. Keeping the house cooler during the day means a decrease in air conditioning energy consumption. While metal roofing itself does not provide a ton of insulation value, many homeowners opt to have rigid foam installed underneath it. The dead-air space between the metal and roof deck can also help with energy efficiency.

Oakland, CA gets creative with roofing

rubber tires can be recycled into long-lasting roofing materials

We’re seeing a major shift in the materials for roofing that residents of Oakland are opting for—something any environmentally conscious homeowner can appreciate. There are several options for recycled roofing in California that are both eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing.

Recycled rubber roofing

Rubber roofing is totally recyclable and lasts for quite some time. The durability is incredible and even if it leaks at some point, repairs are as easy and inexpensive as applying a bit of liquid rubber. As a result, these roofs are a great option that rarely need maintenance. The biggest bit of maintenance a homeowner might need to invest into is repainting the roof with acrylic paint every 10 to 12 years. Old steel-belted tires can be used to create this roofing material, but don’t worry—there are plenty of colors to choose from. This kind of roofing lasts for as long as 50 years through some of the harshest weather conditions as well.

Recycled materials instead of asphalt shingles

According to SmartCitiesDive.com, the majority of shingles are composed of recycled plastic, rubber, and wood fiber. These shingles are environmentally friendly, affordable, and lack the expense you’ll typically find with other roofing materials. They’re also strong, sporting a 50-year lifespan, and should be strongly considered in lieu of other materials like asphalt shingles.

Aesthetically speaking, you’ll find these shingle roofs beautiful—no one would ever guess the shingles are forged from waste products. Using this kind of roofing in Oakland, CA means reducing the waste and energy consumption that comes with processing new raw materials.

shingles made from reclaimed waste and other recycled materials

Reclaimed slate & clay roofing

Slate and clay tiles are some of the most eco-friendly options for roofing available. For those seeking a historical aesthetic, this type of roof can bring forth that kind of beauty. While these materials are natural, they’re strong and last for as long as a century! Opting for lighter colors on this style of roofing will assist in creating a cool roof system as well, saving homeowners money on energy bills.

Choosing the best roofing option for you

As you can see, dependable roofing in Oakland, CA is certainly not limited to one style. There are numerous styles available and you’ll want to find the best option for your home. Whether you’re looking for a durable roofing style with energy-saving potential, or simply want to find the most aesthetically pleasing roof, ultimately, the options are out there. Hopefully the choice is a bit easier now that you’ve read about some of the most popular roofing styles in Oakland and the California area.

Before committing to having someone come out and handle your roofing needs, you’ll need to make sure you’re working with a reliable contractor. We’re committed to excellence, providing quality roofing Oakland, CA residents can count on to hold up over the years. For those of you looking for professionals to handle your roofing necessities, contact us today to consult with a commercial roofing expert!