In this post, we discuss the most popular roofing styles in Naples, FL in 2018. These include shingle-style, metal, and rubber roofing, as well as some popular roofing tricks for reflecting even the most ridiculous Florida winds and temperatures!

Introducing Roofr

By Roofr • September 14, 2018

Introducing Roofr! Learn about Roofr and how we plan on bringing the roofing industry to the current day and age by using state-of-the-art technology. If you have any questions and would like to connect directly with a roofing specialist call us today at 866-819-5215 or visit us at roofr.com

Did you know that your warranty protection is affected by how the nail pattern used for your roof? Click to learn about the most common nail patterns and when each should be used. If you have questions, call us at 866-819-5215 to speak directly with a roofing contractor specialist in your area.

Asphalt shingles are by far one of the most common roofing materials that are used in homes all across North America, and there are several reasons why.

Different roof types function differently and have varying degrees of longevity, so we’ll cover some background details that you should know about your roof to influence your big decision. Then we’ll dig into the specific considerations you should make as you decide which roof to put over your head.

Did you know that in the roofing world, a "square" is much different from a normal square? Learn how much area a roofing square covers and learn to better understand your roofing estimates! Roofing squares are used as a base for many roofing estimates so it's important to understand! Click here.

Learn about the basics of professional roofing to ensure you avoid the risks of unsafe roofing practices. A fall or injury can lead to legal implications, especially if insafe practice was involved. Roofr does all the work for you! We only provide vetted roofers with safety as a top priority.

Ever wonder what the different roofing layers are and their function? Make sure you know what to expect in a full prep situation and avoid being taken advantage of. Click here to learn more or call 866-819-5215 to speak directly with a roofing specialist.

Did you know that not all tile roofing damage is visible? Sometimes the biggest problems that are found are hidden from view. Learn more about How roofing tiles are damaged and why it may be a good idea to call Roofr to be connected with a trusted roofing company to inspect your roof. Click here to learn more.

Rain, hail, wind, snow, and more—all of these things can cause damage that leads to the need for a replacement roof. Read on to learn about replacement costs and get tips on how you can save as much money as possible during this process.