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How Does Roofr Save You Money?

Roofr Vs. ‘The Big Guys’

Since Roofr’s launch just a few months ago many people have asked how we can possibly save customers so much money, and do so without sacrificing the quality of both workmanship and material.  The answer is ingrained in the basic principal of who we are. We are ‘Roofing Simplified’.  After many years in the traditional roofing industry, we’ve witnessed the seemingly endless inefficiencies and subsequent costs of the standard roofing operation. We’ve decided to do our best to change that.

How do most roofing companies work?

Let’s start by talking about ‘the other guys’. Why are large roofing contractors charging an arm and a leg to get the job done?

When it comes down to it, big roofing contractors are essentially marketing giants; consisting of elaborate tiers and avenues to be navigated. When you, the homeowner, call up one of the big guys and ask for a quote, they proceed to send out a sales rep to convince you their high price point is necessary. 

They will then call up a guy who will probably call up another guy, who might just be the guy that installs your new roof.  Large scale roofing companies subcontract 100% of ‘their work’ and tack on an additional markup as high as 50%. 

That massive markup is necessary for these giants to survive.  It’ll cover over head costs, sales staff commission, marketing departments, accounting departments, project managers, and so on and so forth.  In the end you’re paying not only for your roof replacement, but for the big guys to keep the many archaic aspects of their business operational.

We connect you directly with reputable installers in your area

We eliminate the middleman and ensure that you receive competitive pricing on all materials.

How Does Roofr Save You Money?

You contact us, and we connect you directly with reputable installers in your area. We eliminate the middleman and ensure that you receive wholesale pricing on all materials. 

No sales teams to pay commissions to, no advertising team or project managers, and most importantly no crazy overhead. Our revolutionary, stripped down platform has allowed us to save ourselves money in all areas.  We’re so pleased we get to pass those savings on to you.

We will never be the absolute cheapest roofer

We pledge to always provide the best possible workmanship and service at the most affordable price point.  At Roofr, we understand that you get what you pay for.  We know, and want you to know that we will never be the absolute cheapest choice

There are quite a few ‘fly-by-night’ roofing companies that often don’t have proper insurance, certifications, or WSIB clearance.  There can be no guarantee of the experience they provide or most importantly, the end result. Be wary of these companies; if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

All of Roofr’s installation teams have been hand selected based on reviews, years in business, amount of jobs completed, insurance, certifications and overall workmanship.  You can rest easy knowing that your roof is in capable and reputable hands, and you didn’t have to spend that arm or leg to make it happen!