GAF Timberline VS BP Mystique asphalt shingle comparison

Shingle Comparison chart for your reference, compare GAF Timberline to BP Mystique shingles.

GAF Timberline shingles and BP Mystique shingles are an architectural fiberglass asphalt shingle used all across North America on residential homes. It is always recommended that you have GAF Timberline shingles installed by a GAF certified roofer. BP has similar certification programs for their approved roofing contractors.


GAF Timberline 

BP Mystique

Visual Style Timberline_Ultra_HD_Charcoal.jpg mystique-east-2-tone-black-su164632.png
Warranty 50 year limited lifetime warranty/10 years non-prorated  50 year limited lifetime warranty/15 years non-prorated
Wind Rating 110 mph wind warranty  110 mph wind warranty
 Weight 210 lbs / 100sqft 237 lbs / 100sqft
Actual Lifetime 30-35 years  25-30 years
19   19
 Bundles/Pallet 36 36
  • Timberline Ultra HD - BarkwoodTimberline Ultra HD - Barkwood
  • Timberline Ultra HD - Biscayne BlueTimberline Ultra HD - Biscayne Blue
  • Timberline Ultra HD - CharcoalTimberline Ultra HD - Charcoal
  • Timberline Ultra HD - Fox Hollow GrayTimberline Ultra HD - Fox Hollow Gray
  • Timberline Ultra HD - HickoryTimberline Ultra HD - Hickory
  • Timberline Ultra HD - Hunter GreenTimberline Ultra HD - Hunter Green
  • Timberline Ultra HD - Patriot RedTimberline Ultra HD - Patriot Red
  • Timberline Ultra HD - Pewter GrayTimberline Ultra HD - Pewter Gray
  • Timberline Ultra HD - ShakewoodTimberline Ultra HD - Shakewood
  • Timberline Ultra HD - SlateTimberline Ultra HD - Slate
  • Timberline Ultra HD - Weathered WoodTimberline Ultra HD - Weathered Wood


Improper installation of asphalt shingles can cause leaks and void your manufacturer warranty.

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